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Laura Ingraham She is an author and TV commentator. Her new book, Shut Up & Sing: How the Elites in Hollywood, Politics...and the UN are Subverting America
9am - Noon
Dennis Miller Dennis Miller gives a humorous perspective on politics and life with a conservative twist.
10am - 1pm
Glenn Beck He has a unique show filled with entertainment, commentary, talk and much more. Glenn leans toward the right in his politics and has a diverse listener base.
9am - Noon
Neal Boortz A Libertarian at heart, Neal believes that the main difference between Democrats and Republicans is they just want to grow our Federal Government a bit faster
8:30am - 1pm
Don Imus in the Morning Imus returns to radio, features recurrring, prominent guests ranging from political, entertainment, sports and the media.
6am - 9am
Lionel Late night talk show with Lionel, prosecutor and criminal defense attorney and former talking head on evening cable shows, he adds his unique insight on the news of the day.
9am - 12pm

Bill O'Reilly "No Spin Zone" for radio. The Radio Factor is now heard on more than 400 stations nationwide

Noon - 2pm
Sean Hannity Conservative talk show host and author, co-host of Fox Channel's Hannity & Combs
3pm - 6pm
Rush Limbaugh Love him or hate him - there is no denying that Rush has changed radio and politics.

Noon - 3pm
Dr. Laura Schlessinger Expert on today's relationship issues. A Ph.D. from Columbia and an expert on marriage counseling, Family and sex therapy.
Noon - 3pm
G. Gordon Liddy Now a popular right wing talk show host, Liddy became famous for his role in the Watergate scandal, refusing steadfastly to implicate others he served nearly five years in prison.
10am - 2pm
Alex Jones dedicated author and filmmaker, connects the dots of corporate interests in the USA trading our civil liberties for a growing police state.
Noon - 4pm
Sarah Palin She may not have a radio show yet, but she is talking. Follow Sarah in the media as she makes her way "going rogue".
Clark Howard Clark can save you money! He reports on consumer issues including great bargains and scams to avoid. Regular on WSB-TV in Atlanta.
1pm - 4pm
Mark Levin Mark Levin is a preeminent conservative commentator and lawyer. Appearing on hundreds of television and radio programs. His popluar New York talk show is now a national success.
6pm - 8pm
Michael Savage Fiercely independent thinking has made him a national star. His program is heard on more than 300 stations, Straight talk - no sacred cows
6pm - 10pm
Coast/Coast George Noory Late night show including paranormal topics with enthusiasm and skill in this dynamic format created by Art Bell.
1am - 5am
Kim Komando Kim Komando is the host of a very popular talk show about computers with over 8 million listeners every week.
noon - 3pm
Cigar Dave Smoke This! the acclaimed nationally syndicated radio program devoted entirely to the Cigar Lifestyle.
noon - 2pm
News Hour with Jim Lehrer Jim Lehrer anchors the nation's only hour-long nightly newscast with detailed analysis of major national and international issues.
7pm - 8pm
CBS Face the Nation Host Bob Schieffer interviews the leading politicians and newsmakers in America on the leading issues of the day.
4:30pm - 5pm
NBC Meet the Press Host Tim Russert interviews leading newsmakers, also panel discussions with members of print and TV media.
12pm - 1pm
ABC This Week Host George Stephanopoulos interviews leading newsmakers, weekly panel discussions with George Will and others.
1pm - 2pm
Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace leads panel interviews of leading newsmakers.
2pm - 3pm
Wall Street Journal Morning Report Get the financial news for the day in advance of the openning bell.
5am - 8am
Bloomberg Financial Radio Financial news 24 hours per day every business day. Stay up to date with the latest financial news.
all day
Bruce Williams Former jack of all trades, bruce gives financial and legal advise using his vast experience in law, government and business.
7pm - 10pm
Ron Insana Contributor to NBC's "Today Show" "The Nightly News with Tom Brokaw" "Imus in the Morning" and other programs on MSNBC, monthly column "Talking Business with Ron Insana"
Noon - 3pm
Ray Lucia A nationally known business and financial expert with his own practice in the San Diego area.
1pm - 4pm
Phil's Gang PHILS GANG, originating from Sarasota, is the country's premier stock market educational resource that tells you exactly what Wall Street does not want you to know!
3pm - 5pm
Tom O'Brien "The Tiger" educates listeners on trends in the markets based upon price, volume and his instincts from a career as a day trader. He also writes a gold newsletter.
4pm - 6pm
Gary Kaltbaum Gary brings his 17 years of financial advice to sort out the financial markets, and give his opinion as to how it will impact our investments. Gary is currently a Fox News Contributor.
5pm - 7pm
Damon Vickers You always know where he stands, Damon has a 15-year track of articulating investment themes with striking clarity and always holding his ground.
5pm - 7pm
Phil Hendrie Unique comedy craft. He has the ability to engage in a serious discussion with 4 people...and he is 3 of the four people.
7pm - 10pm
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